Mr and Ms Persofest Round 8 Results


That's how you spent the entire 2017 !! Never getting out of your comfort zone and having left your new year resolutions hanging by the end of the first month of the year !!
Now it's 2018 !
There ain't plenty of tomorrows waiting for us !!
How you going to spend this year?
Leading a typical day-to-day mechanical life?
Reading the success stories of great men?
Breaking bad and inducing the world to read your success story?
The call is yours my friend!
Here is to the hearts that yearn to do something unconventional!
The war of wits is about to happen!!!
The hunt for 'the one' is in the air!
Here is the last chance......
If you ever want to defy your ordinary life, show your presence in the grand annual tournament of MIT -
"Mr. and Ms. Persofest"
- Persofest 2018
"We leave you better than we found you"