Communication Class

"Communication"- as far the humans generation begins the act of communicating with other human being is one of the major task that every human being are supposed to do. Starting from the music to various languages we use today are all evolved from the act of communication. As "the act of communicating with every other individual" was the major part in the entire evolution process of the human history and also it will definitely be major source for the future of the human beings, being a good communicator is an essential of feature of the human beings and nowadays communication skills play a cruel role in honing one's Personality.

Communication skills helps one to express themselves in the most convincing way. Our communication classes are aimed to develop the communication skills and the confidence of the students. Improving the self-confidence of the students is main motto of the communication classes. The activities in this class like Role Play, Group Discussion, Block and Tackle, Debate, etc,. will makes the classes as most interactive classes of PDA.